Welcome to Karma Tsewang Gyurmey's personal site.

Karma Tsewang Gyurmey is an ordained (novice) Buddhist monk under the guidance of The Very Venerable Ninth Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche at Thrangu Monastery Canada located in Richmond, B.C., who lives in Calgary, AB.

Prior to his ordination, he had already been a vow holding lay practitioner with a serious personal commitment to meditation practice and study for nearly two decades.

This site is named Machik Ling to reflect Karma Tsewang Gyurmey's deep sense of devotion to the Tibetan yogini, Machik Labdron who is associated with the Tibetan Buddhist Secret Mantryana practice of Chöd.

Machik Ling is not a Dharma centre or temple, it's just Karma Tsewang Gyurmey's home.


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