Been a while, eh?

I apologize for not having updated my blog since His Holiness’ visit. I have been fairly busy this Summer.

His Holiness’ visit jumbled the schedules of every one of His centres, temples and monasteries in North America, but once everyone got back on their feet, things got going again.

The annual long life drubchen was a success (I hope). I pray Rinpoche is around for many, many years to come. Thrangu Rinpoche was in good enough health to make it to the shrine hall to accept every body, speech and mind offering performed during the drubchen. So, in that respect, it was wonderful.

I was given a conch to play during each session, and had no idea what a rough time it was going to be for me. To give you an idea; one woman told me she timed the “descent of blessings” during one of the sessions and it had finally ended after a little over eight minutes! Can you imagine trying to blow a conch shell for eight minutes straight? It was no easy task, and a few times I started to see double, and nearly passed out! Do you think the Umdze was trying to knock me off my cushion? Nah, that can’t be the case.

I came home for a few days of rest after the long life offering drubchen wrapped up. Then went back for Thrangu Rinpoche’s annual teaching.


This year Rinpoche taught on Nagarjuna’s ‘Letter to a Friend’. He was in decent health the whole time through, and it all went very well. There weren’t as many laity there as I’d expected, but I suppose many spent their whole Summer’s travel budget when His Holiness was here. There was a “class picture” taken after the end of the teachings.

The annual Akshobhya retreat is coming up. I am planning on being there for it in its entirety this year. Last year I had to leave early because of serious health complications. I will make sure I make another post upon my return. Until then, choose to be happy and remember to do your best to keep love in your heart for all sentient beings. 🙂