I’m fundraising to establish Canada’s first Buddhist Mobile Crisis Support Team, which will respond to natural disasters, terrorist strikes and other catastrophic events to provide spiritual support, relevant Dharma instruction and Dharma based counselling in addition to meditation training, to victims and evacuees.

To make this happen, a camper van needs to be purchased. Ideally it would be a new one, but I am looking for an affordable used one and will hope it is reliable enough for the task it will tackle. It would have to be able to be used as a camper in the Winter as well, because tragedy can strike any time of year, and there could be a need for response during any month on the calendar. The van would need to be self sufficient, meaning it would need to be equipped with solar panels, fresh water and black water storage, simple cooking capability and food storage (fridge and some cupboard space), a toilet and a furnace and air conditioning system that can run independently of the vehicle motor. A CB radio system and all weather tires (Winter rated) and extra outdoor lighting (spot lights to provide light to a seating area outside the van) would be beneficial as well. Ideally, the van would also be able to provide a place to sleep for a minimum of two people.

This idea was born from my urge to help the 2017 B.C. wildfires evacuees and victims cope with their grief, loss and fear. But, unable to get to an evacuee centre and establish myself in a parking lot to provide any support to evacuees, I decided to start planning for years ahead. The idea became larger than the spark it was born from. I would also respond to any catastrophic event within a few days' driving distance to provide whatever spiritual support this Buddhist monk, and hopefully at least one other monastic, would be able to offer to people suffering from such traumatic events.

Please consider a small offering towards this endeavour. Visit https://www.gofundme.com/buddhist-emerg-response

If you represent an organization that would like to sponsor this endeavour in any capacity, please contact me at your convenience using the contact information located in this page's footer.

Thank you.