His Holiness is Definitely Here

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Yesterday, a dream came true for many Canadians. His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje took His place on the throne in the main shrine hall at Thrangu Monastery Canada. His Holiness gave a short teaching to the assembled monastics and laity and bestowed an empowerment. And just like that a dream, a wish, a prayer came true. His Holiness is really here.

When His Holiness stopped in Calgary to give a public talk that was initially primarily intended for the Tibetan community of Alberta, He mentioned that He was surprised to see that 1400 people had come to the Jack Singer Concert Hall for the event. His Holiness bestowed the transmission of the mantras of Tara, Guru Padmasambhava and Chenrezik to those in attendance in order to establish a Dharma connection with us all. His Holiness also said that living in India, He has come to find Himself missing Winter. And then proceeded to say that He’d come back to Calgary in the Winter at some point in the future, which was a very well received statement by everyone in the audience.

Before His Holiness left Alberta, He visited Banff National Park for a short while. I’d hoped He would be taken to the Jasper Icefield Parkway and the Glacier, but I don’t think they made it that far, as time was short and a heck of a lot of devotees were anxiously awaiting His arrival in Vancouver, and specifically to Thrangu Monastery Canada in Richmond, B.C..

His Holiness Karmapa was greeted at YVR by Federal and Provincial parliamentarians and many monks, nuns and laypeople before being whisked away in a packet of big, shiny SUVS full of dignitary protection security personnel who I assume are members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, since He’s had the same security detail with Him during His entire trip through Canada.

The historic arrival of His Holiness at Thrangu Monastery was live streamed on Youtube and Facebook and was watched by many, including this monk, who could not be at the monastery to witness the historic event. The monks and laity of the monastery’s community put on a “grand spectacle” to welcome His Holiness, sparing nothing. I’ve linked to some video of the historic event immediately below this paragraph for your convenience.

His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Visits Thrangu Monastery Canada, 2017

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